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New Product (Preorder) - FL10 Titanium EDC Carabiner Flashlight

We are glad to release something unique again, the FL10 Titanium EDC carabiner flashlight. 

FL10 Carabiner Flashlight


The preorder is starting now and we bring some special offer to whom preordered FL10 - 10% off with the code PreOrderFL10 at checkout.


Product Overview

FL10 combined flashlight, carabiner, prybar, and bottle opener etc, is a multi-purpose everyday carry(EDC) tool. Let's take a look at it as the following tour;

1) Flashlight

The flashlight part is equipped a CREE XP-G2 LED which delivers a max output of 360 lumens, really bright, isn't it? 

MecArmy FL10 Titanium Carabiner Flashlight

Besides the high output, a standard Micro USB charging port is also being put into the tiny body so that the light could be recharged only with a USB cable and a wall charger is no longer necessary. It could be charged by your power banks, laptop, PC and other USB power supply devices. 

MecArmy FL10 Carabiner Flashlight - USB rechargeable

* Turbo and Strobe are hidden, triple click at any mode to activate Turbo and click once at Turbo mode to activate Strobe. 

2) EDC-biner 

The whole body is made of TC4 titanium as well as the gate (wire gate), find a balance between lightweight and durability. It could be attached to your bags, key rings and even MOLLE panels etc. 

FL10 Carabiner Flashlight

The gate could also be a bottle opener if you want it to be. 

FL10 EDC Carabiner Flashlight - Use as Bottle Opener

3) Self-defense, pry bar & box opener

At the bottom of the gear, there is a bezel which could be used for self-defense in an emergency, pry bar when working or box opener when you received the package bought online that you can't wait to see what's in the box.

FL10 EDC Pocket Tool


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